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Invalid Click Activity Question & Answer

First question: How can users find your internet presence, mobile application, or YouTube channel? How are you promoting your works?
In response:

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube channel are ways users find my blog. I also use websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to promote my blogger posts.

Question 2: Have you ever violated any of the AdSense program’s rules or the terms and conditions for your website, smartphone application, or YouTube channel? If so, how?

In response to social standards, I always follow Google Adsense; yet, several of my films received one or two copyright strikes. I apologized for my inadvertent errors that led to these infractions.
In response to the website, I have invalid click activity that did not occur earlier. I apologize for this breach, which was the result of my negligence or inexperience.

Question 3: Why was there invalid activity on your YouTube channel, mobile app, and/or site? Please furnish comprehensive details regarding each particular reason you think is relevant to your case.
Greetings, Google AdSense Team. This is the first time that invalid activity has ended in the suspension of my AdSense account.

Respected Sir/Madam, I have been using AdSense on my Blogger website for five to six months, and I abide by the terms and policies of Google Adsense. I don’t urge my relatives to click on my blog incorrectly. I’m attempting to control my rate of click-through after suspending my Google Adsense account. I use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to spread the word about my blogger posts, but I have no idea who takes part in this strange behavior on my blog. I hereby reaffirm my dedication to abiding by Google Adsense policy at all times. Please revive my account and accept my expense time with Adsense.

Question 4: Which changes will you make to enhance the caliber of ad traffic coming to your website, mobile application, and/or YouTube channel? Please refer to our recommendations on how to stop invalid activity when responding.

I sincerely apologize for any improper behavior, as well as for negligence on my part and unintentional errors. I promise not to do the same mistakes again, as that would be against Adsense policy. I have made every effort to build beneficial connections with my visitors and engage in worthwhile activities. If my Adsense restarts, I will do everything according to Google Adsense policies.

Question 5: Could you please share any traffic logs, reports, or data from your online presence, mobile app, or YouTube channel that show any strange IP addresses, referrers, or queries that would explain the invalid activity?

Dear Google AdSense Team, I was unable to record suspicious IPs, traffic logs, or reports, and as a result, my account was disabled for the first time for invalid click activity. Once more, I apologize for my carelessness. I simply ask that you grant me one last chance to collaborate with you and disregard any server or illicit activity on my account. I acknowledge my errors and sincerely apologize for this, and it was the result of my carelessness and ignorance.

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